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Pulp Fiction

Original Name: Pulp Fiction

Genre: Crime, Drama

Release Date: 14 October 1994


Cast: , ,


For the petty criminals Pumkin couple and Honey Bunny is it to be great coup of. First, the attack works on a LA diner quite well stupid only that the two Small Time Crooks on the professional gangster Jules got seated at a table. While he is willing to give his wallet that says Bad Motherfucker including several one thousand US dollars content, but do not collect the black briefcase, the Pumkin and Honey Bunny. The scenario escalates, Jules turns the tables, are the nerves are on edge at the beginners. Change of scene hitman Jules and his partner Vincent Vega talk on the way to an order for her boss Marcellus Wallace excited about the advantages the Dutch Burger Culture, almost death-bringing foot massages and the pitfalls of the metric system. On the way back, the two set up a huge mess in her car. Accidentally Vincent distributes the brain of a hostage on the cushions. The Professional Cleaner Mr. Wolf to resolve the dilemma. Boxer Butch Coolidge has other worries. He has sold a fight to the underworld boss Wallace, but wants to cash in twice and puts a lot of money in a betting shop on his victory. That makes Marcellus furious; he wants to kill the apostate on the spot. These are just some of the plotlines. Equally eventful and momentous is the Date of Vincent with Marcellus wife Mia and Butch’s penchant for golden clock that held a comrade once hidden his father in his ass.