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Pitch Perfect 2

Original Name: Pitch Perfect 2

Genre: Comedy, Music

Release Date: 15 May 2015


Cast: , ,


Pitch Perfect 2 stars the same cast that we all know and love from the first movie, along with some decent music, but some poor comedy. This movie isn’t any different from the first movie, and if anything, it’s attempt at being as magical and unique as it’s predecessor fell well short of expectations. This movie has nothing unique about its premise, and even manages to bore us with the same, awkward humor and lines that the first movie tried to do. The first Pitch Perfect-movie was genuinely funny and one of the better comedies out there with a spectacular soundtrack as well. The sequel is less music and more embarrassed goofiness and I felt that I never really got into it the same way as I did in the first one, which is a shame but I enjoyed the ending and I found the end credits to be beautiful and very fancy, so that’s a plus. If you loved the first movie and you’re a under the age of 13, you’ll probably love this movie. If you’re an adult who liked the first movie, you’ll probably think that this movie is okay, but was not nearly as good as it could’ve been. If you didn’t like the first movie or though it was okay, you’ll hate this movie. In all, I loved the first film, and I had an alright time with the second film.