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One Night at McCool’s

Original Name: One Night at McCool's

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Release Date: 27 April 2001


Cast: , ,


Jewel is a scheming young beauty that would do for their dream of owning a home with a DVD player everything. Even in front of a murder she did not shy away. Because when she meets Randy, she disposed of her boyfriend Utah at a not completely legal manner. Randy can not resist the beautiful woman, he already had the sex of his life with her. But he is not the only one who is under the spell Jewels. Also Detective Dehling and his cousin Carl, a lawyer with family, forfeited the dream woman. About Randy the Femme Fatale worried meanwhile everything that makes them happy. She is obsessed with things like a home theater system with DVD player and a fountain in the living room corner. During an evening out with rich men, Randy admits their houses empty.