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Norm of the North

Original Name: Norm of the North

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Release Date: 15 January 2016


Cast: , ,


Norm of the North is a kids movie and the director catered to the kids very well. Of course, it’s not realistic. Kids don’t care! If you want to entertain an adult, don’t take them to this movie. If you want to entertain kids then this movie is great! Norm is a polar bear in the arctic. And he’s a very special one at that. He chases a seal that he aims to eat for lunch, but when Norm finally corners the cute little guy, he just can’t go through with it and ends up hugging and talking to him. Norm also loves to dance and doesn’t mind twerking to entertain the tourists that are coming to the arctic in increasing numbers. To top it all off, Norman even has the ability to “talk human”, which seems to delight humans more than it shocks them. It’s a good thing that Norm is so special because he happens to be royalty! His grandfather, who also has the ability to talk to humans, was the King of the Arctic until he mysteriously disappeared. Now Norm’s father is the king and, one day, the job will pass to Norm – IF he can start taking things more seriously and become a real leader. Of course, the script soon gives him that chance.