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Mythica: A Quest for Heroes

Original Name: Mythica: A Quest for Heroes

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Release Date: 23 January 2015


Cast: , ,


The young magician Marek has to resurrect the dead rare gift. But she knows with that power is not so deal right. Nevertheless, she dreams of exciting adventures, where you can put your skills to the test. As luck would have it, she meets in a tavern the seekers for help priestess Teela. This is desperately looking for her sister, who was kidnapped by savage orcs. Marek senses her chance and so it goes with the warriors Thane and the cracked half-elves Dagen to search for Teelas sister. So long-awaited adventure takes Mareks its course. Marek is a slave DL with a natural capacity for magic, dreams of a life of adventure. When using the mistakes his magic on his own, to defend themselves, they should go to the competition. Gojun Pye, an assistant who has been tutoring in passports, said the head of the local tavern and asks for a man named Hammer. She finds him and soon meets a handsome priest named Teela must help to rescue his sister after the destruction of his people through a horde of orcs and trolls. Thane recruits a soldier and thief days to help them in their search and left. In my youth, I loved nothing more than a fantasy-adventure epic film. I continued to watch the exciting missions heroes Willow Ufgood and the Dread Pirate Roberts. It is true that love has followed me my 30 years and still excited to see a new fantasy movie full of elves, wizards, and elves. I’m always a bit ‘worried, but the fantasy film that comes to mind is what is done with a very small budget. Half the fun in a fantasy film, costume, they have to beat the battles between good and bad and scary monsters heroes.