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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Original Name: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Release Date: 21 December 2011


Cast: , ,


Ground up to a scale of the unprecedented actions Impossible mission begins again! Russia is involved in the terror explosion Kremlin to meet the crisis, IMF (Impossible Mission Force). In order to avoid conflict of national governments play a “ghost protocol” for the IMF tissue, discard all past organization nor clear congestion. Special Secret Agent ‘heresy hunt “have become international terrorists in an instant (Tom Cruise) is not possible to restart the mission from the ground up to regain the glory of yourself and your organization! Most risks fade with each other productions. The attempt to flag a fanbase energy often leads to bloating, deductibles and familiarity breeds contempt. Mission Impossible film series has suffered similar problems with the third film in the saga disappoint the fans. So what can you expect from this fourth film, Ghost Protocol is the same, but Brad Bird has succeeded in reviving the franchise indicator that gives you a new chance for lasting success. The whole history of superhero spy Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) tries to rogue agents that he and his team for elimination by detecting an attack by planting evidence that high-profile attack in the Kremlin. Paula Patton plays the role of Jane Carter, a partner and femme fatale confidence; Simon Pegg plays Benji Dunn, our random electronic assistant who has never seen combat action; and Jeremy Renner William Brandt serves as a hack caught in the crossfire, which has its secrets.