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Miracles from Heaven

Original Name: Miracles from Heaven

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 16 March 2016


Cast: , ,


Christy and Kevin Beam are the proud parents of three little girls and lead a family life like in a picture book. The worried mother does everything possible to assist their only 10-year-old daughter and find a way to the girl to bring relief, but Anna’s situation seems to be hopeless. When one day she falls from a great height but of a tree, the unbelievable happened. After she woke up from her several hours lasting unconsciousness, she has only barely a scratch, it seems to have been even miraculously cured of their disease. Your mother tells Anna that she had come a miraculous apparition in a dream. Niche cinema often appeals to few, and great niche cinema can speak to anyone once they sit down in front of it, but Miracles From Heaven is prickly by nature, knowing exactly who its audience is as it expects their pre-established religious convictions to fill the gaps in its shoddy craftsmanship. Miracles from Heaven stands firm atop a sloppily made case for faith over logic and spirituality over science, and for that, it’s challenging to view as a film instead of judgmental ideology in cinematic drag. Despite what Miracles from Heaven tries to show us, believing is still a challenging concept to sell, even if the next film built around the idea is filled with characters that aren’t simply products of luck and circumstance.