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Meet Joe Black

Original Name: Meet Joe Black

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Release Date: 13 November 1998


Cast: , ,


Susan Parrish flirting at a cafe with a very attractive man, but after the departure of the two no one knows the name of the other person. Immediately after meeting the stranger dies in a traffic accident, which Susan but does not notice. Her father, William Parrish is a successful and popular businessman who will celebrate his 65th birthday in a few days. One night he hears a strange voice. That voice belongs to the man who imagines him next day than death. Death offers him a kind of deal, he should introduce him to the world of men and for that he let him alive longer. He puts his family before the death as a colleague called Joe Black. This Joe Black has the shape as the man from the cafe and Susan is surprised to see him again at the official dinner of the family. She has fallen in love with this man from the cafe but the man at the table appear completely changed and is not in any way that he recognizes.