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Me Before You

Original Name: Me Before You

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 4 March 2016


Cast: , ,


To make “Me Before You” a respectable film, those that are nominated awards, would have to take the music of Craig Armstrong, popular songs included, remove the shine to photography, remove two or three scenes and voila! Oscar candidates have. But they have chosen to go for the more commercial way, without being this a defect, nothing but an appreciation of how easy it was to outline the plot to that. This drama with touches of comedy is written and adapted for the screen by Jojo Moyes, directed by renowned theater director Thea Sharrock (who makes her film debut with this film) and introduces us to a successful executive (Sam Claflin) that is struck by a motorcyclist and is paralyzed from the neck down. Already installed in the house of his parents hire a chaperone (Emilia Clarke). They are known, have several activities together (which costs her her engagement) and when the deadline is set for him to take his own life comes. “Me Before You” presents an interesting dynamic, mainly because the chemistry between the protagonists, but their limited direction, with very simple frames, without depth (which has to do certainly with the formation of the director debutant) make it lose pace and effect. Jill Taylor special mention for providing a fun costume for Clarke, which breaks the monotony of some scenes. Worth it for sensitive people and fans of romantic comedies with unconventional finals.