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Magic Mike XXL

Original Name: Magic Mike XXL

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music

Release Date: 1 July 2015


Cast: , ,


“Magic Mike XXL” is the sequel no one knew they needed. The first Channing Tatum dance dramedy was so pointless that it hurt. “XXL” did exactly what moviegoers wanted from it’s predecessor- it brings the sex, but also the heart. “Magic Mike XXL” demonstrates that a movie made mostly on sex appeal can succeed. It hits all the right notes for women- just look at Donald Glover’s role and you’ll know exactly what I mean. This is certainly one of the best movies of the summer. I loved the fact that they tried to make an honest, fun to watch and relax movie this time around – which was more than noticable. There are so many sexual and/or movies filled with male erotic dreams coming true and this movie series finally, truly tries to do the same for heterosexual women. In one talk show interview I saw, one of the main cast members even said that this second movie is going to be everything we all expected and hoped the first was going to be. Unfortunately, just as in the first movie, there is way too much story happening when all we women paid to see was striping to awesome songs. The build up to the actual event is so exhausting, my friend almost fell asleep at one point.

In the end I find the second installment of chiseled abs on the big screen to be a step up *pun intended* to the first movie with (when offered among all the unnecessary drama) awesome dance moves and choreo, funny jokes and more working than talking. Us women also want to just watch and not think from time to time. I’d love the next movie (if there is going to be one) to simply be just entertainment without the drama.