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Original Name: Ludwig

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Release Date: 8 March 1973


Cast: , ,


Ludwig II is crowned King of Bavaria in 1864, and his first order of business is to promote the composer Richard Wagner. Wagner is to be brought to Munich and endowed with financial resources. But when it turns out that an affair with Cosima, Ludwig is angry and wants that the composer leaves the country. Ludwig decided in 1867 to get married Princess Sophie of Bavaria. But the marriage did not last and resolves after one year. He shares his homosexual feelings with his servants Richard Hornig. After Bayern in 1871 will become part of the newly founded German Empire Ludwig is devoted entirely to the art of building. More and more it closes itself and converts the noble ruins. Slowly he loses touch with reality and surrenders to his dreams and numerous sexual excesses. Finally the king declared insane and deprives him of the rule. His body is found in Lake Starnberg after a short time.