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Lucrezia Giovane 1974

Original Name: Lucrezia giovane

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 23 August 1974


Cast: , ,


Simonetta Stefanelli plays Lucrezia Borgia in the version of Luciano Ercoli early life of this fascinating historical character. If the accuracy of historical facts may be questioned, Ercoli certainly can not be challenged in their efforts to bring even the most sensational and delicate details of the screen. The film is quite good, and Stefanelli is a beautiful Lucrecia. Simonetta Stefanelli artists as ruthless Lucrezia Borgia to take Luciano Ercoli in the Borgia family. During the 16th century, Italy is dominated by the powerful Borgia family, led by Cesare Borgia and his cousin Lucretia (Martine Carol). In playing a ruthless power, Cesare plots to kill the husband of his sister. But the lack of understanding of his brother, Lucrecia has a permanent lover who challenge the Borgia collection, but the love of Caesar to his grandson will contribute to the reduction of Lucrecia partners and two friends join in an incestuous relationship.