Saroo Online Free - Megashare


Original Name: Lion

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 25 November 2016


Cast: , ,


With five years of little Indians, Saroo is separated from his family and ends up so neglected in Calcutta. Here take it Sue and John Brierley to a wealthy Australian couple who then rears him as her own son. But its roots Saroo never forget and so he makes himself as a young man with the help of his dim memories and Google Earth to search for his true mother and thus embarks on a journey into his own past at.”Lion” and five years, Saroo alone and traveling the wrong way from a house in north India train. Somehow survived to live on the street, and avoid all kinds of atrocities in the process. End up in an orphanage, Saroo of the Australian couple adopted and find safety and love how it develops in Hobart. Do not want the feelings of their adoptive parents, and bury his past to find the emotional need to reunite the pain and hope for the missing mother and brother. But the opportunity to meet some Indian colleagues evokes the secret desires. With a small gift shop, and with the help of Google Earth, Saroo start the search … where it comes from.