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Kubo And The Two Strings

Original Name: Kubo And The Two Strings

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Family

Release Date: 19 August 2016


Cast: , ,


The trailer for Kubo And The Two Strings didn’t do the film justice at all. It has very likeable characters and the stop motion animation is some of the best since The Nightmare Before Christmas. I wont go into anything about the plot as I went in blind and that helped with my enjoyment. But make sure your child isn’t scared easily as the scenes with the sisters could be a little too scary for some sensitive children. The action is entertaining and the voice acting is good too. Well worth a watch.

The fourth film from (the great) Laika stop-motion animation studio, 2016’s Kubo And The Two Strings is an accomplished feat in the field and a statement of intent for what future productions can achieve. From first time director Travis Knight (previously an animator and producer on Laiku’s previous efforts, including 2012s ParaNorman and 2014s The Boxtrolls), the film has an epic, adventurous scope that is not usually seen in stop-motion. Taking place in ancient Japan, we follow the one-eyed Kubo as he sets his goal of retrieving some hard-to-get objects-from sailing choppy oceans to climbing mountains-displaying beautiful locals, great characters (an origami, mute samurai is awesome) and menacing foes (Rooney Mara breathes live into a pair of floating, magical sisters intent on capturing our heroes) rounding out Kubo and the Two Strings as a good old fashioned adventure that is pleasing on the senses but has the heart to back it up.