Krampus Online Free - Megashare


Original Name: Krampus

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

Release Date: 4 December 2015


Cast: ,


Mixed elements of all the other Christmas movies and put a sadistic twist to Krampus, which was awesome. Liked the effects and visuals and animation and costumes. Even the cliche’s, though rare, were used correctly and even made fun of. And that ending! It sure put me in the Christmas spirit! I really enjoyed this, but I am pretty twisted. However the gore/horror effects were quite tame. But it was funny and silly, but also horrific and creepy, and even had heart. The trouble begins at a family Christmas between two very different families. When a young boy is taunted by his cousins for believing in Santa he tears up his letter for Santa. Enter Krampus. Krampus and his helpers begin to terrorize the neighborhood picking off his victims one at a time. The family decides to lock down their house and wait for the storm to pass. Through the little boy’s Granadma we learn that Krampus has been feeding on people every Christmas when people forget the true spirit of Christmas. When the remaining family members decide to make a run for it in an abandoned vehicle eventually the little boy comes face to face with Krampus. He pleads with the monster to give him his family back and take him instead. Just when it seems all hope is lost the boy awakes on Christmas day. He goes downstairs where all his family is waiting opening presents.