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Kahaani 2

Original Name: Kahaani 2

Genre: Thriller

Release Date: 25 November 2016


Cast: ,


There was a time when just thriller murders of intent a hidden killer and a series murder. It was so unsurprising that the identity of the killer exposure for us not to be completely filled with the sentiment in Kahaani film. We doubt Bollywood have never had a thriller like this before. A woman was in the middle of it and managed to keep us obsessed with the story until the conclusion. How many times is an adventure movie that gave an evidence? Since it was a carry-over of the letters, but nothing has occurred on that front, eventually, we found it and now we have the chance to give a general idea.

It is motivating to note that no visible matter. In fact, it is established that they are only part of the film Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal. But it cannot be ignored that the sound of the typewriter with passion and a few stuffed goose bumps. This is because it takes us to 2012 when the upper Kahaani gave us the kick we were not equipped. We are positive that this film is also a donation, even if there is no way to be, it is no less thrilling and the best part “Another mother of a story! The result has been the subject of assumption after the success of the first manufacturer of film. The happy fans finally declared. Sujoy Ghosh tweets the image of a tablet Kahaani 2 and announced the start of filming. He wrote, “in appreciation for the love that the first film us, we will work even harder to meet expectations.”. Vidya Balan is back for the development, which was confirmed by her during the filming of Sujoy Te3n but we have an idea of another actor to join the cast. It is nothing but rock star Arjun Rampal!

About eight months ago, Sujoy Ghosh was looking for an actor to watch the movie Durga Rani. But signed by the famous patch Vidya Balan, things are back on track and the original election still Durga Rani was. Now two Kahaani has already disappeared in Kalimpong floors, a small area in West Bengal. What happened to Durga Rani, then? A team source said, “Sujoy has had an exciting story about an intelligent thriller that was Durga Rani and revolved around the character of a woman and her day with danger Sujoy and Vidya could not speak, was Kahaani 2. Sujoy background she wanted. Never make a sequel without his favorite wife, because she thought it would not justify the franchise.”