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Jesus Christ Superstar 1973

Original Name: Jesus Christ Superstar

Genre: Drama, History, Music

Release Date: 15 August 1973


Cast: , ,


A group of young traveler stops in Israel on the ruins of ancient buildings. In the middle of the Negev desert they begin the individual stations in recent weeks of Jesus Christ reenact. Jesus received by his preaching a lot of attention and encouragement by the population. This leads the regents in distress, so that the actions of a single person lead the country into a power politics tension. Even one of Jesus disciples, Judas the skeptical has become a thoughtful and doubting citizen who is disappointed by the new Christian interpretation. He sees himself in the dilemma to his love for Jesus and their own political beliefs. This mental tug of war opens in a construct of treachery, murder and suicide which will change the history of the world sustainable.