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Jamesy Boy

Original Name: Jamesy Boy

Genre: Biography, Drama

Release Date: 3 January 2014


Cast: , ,


Jamesy Boy the true story of James Burns, who was a young gang member are in jail for selling arms, possession of drugs and illegal possession of a firearm. A few years earlier, his mother Tracy tries enroll in school, but they have a lot of history James’ of violent behavior. One night, James met Crystal and Drew after stealing from a supermarket and befriends them. Crystal tells James about Roc, a man doing odd jobs for offering him the chance to get in. Mrs. James’ reads her diary and finds out what he is. She reminds him that close to the profession was a lawyer, but the challenge is home confinement, cut his anklet. James came in Roc to ask how you can make money. Roc James asks the driver to escape when the crew to break into the home of a drug dealer rivals. In the wheel, James sees the homeowner stealthy in the door and where to intervene.