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Iron Man

Original Name: Iron Man

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 2 May 2008


Cast: , ,


The wolf playboy and genius Tony Stark is the successful CIO of Stark Industries, a weapon created by his father. His second in command is Obadiah Stane, who worked with his father and his loyal and professional secretary Pepper Potts, who has a crush on Tony. Even in Afghanistan, to show the last Jericho missile was developed by his company, his military convoy was attacked and Tony is seriously wounded in the chest and kidnapped by a group of rebels who want him to assemble a missile for its use. Tony lives with his kidnappers for three months and develops a powerful metallic armor to escape from the cave, where he was arrested. Decided to stop production of weapons in his company during the protest Obadiah and devote their time to improve equipment, production of gold and titanium and install a propulsion system to fly. But Pepe found that Tony was betrayed by Obadiah, who transformed the data used for the creation of prototype armor Tony for him the ultimate weapon.