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Iron Man 3

Original Name: Iron Man 3

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 3 May 2013


Cast: , ,


Robert. Downey, Jr, manages to maintain the same smart, witty character now but with the added anxiety attack issue Tony Stark deals with. All the actors in this movie did an excellent job performing their roles and adding to the story. The film has managed to keep everything seamlessly from Iron man one to three, while including what happened in The Avengers movie. Iron Man 3 had fewer events that took place and focused more on the character of Tony Stark; looking at how he lives his life and handles past events that have impacted him. Which in the end left you wanting for just a little bit more story line, unfortunately. This movie has some great twists, for example: the villain who is portrayed on TV threatening the president is not the actual villain, it’s just a cover. The real villain chooses a man (who is an actor) with a different ethnicity than regularly found in America. He stages the background of these videos to look like it’s being shot in a different country as well. This makes all eyes look outside the country for this man, not inside America, keeping all the attention off the real villain. You get a surprise when Tony bursts through this man’s bedroom door to discover that truth.