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Intimacy 2001

Original Name: Intimacy

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: 28 March 2001


Cast: , ,


The bartender and unsuccessful London musician Jay meets once a week with an affair for unbridled sex. Every Wednesday at the same time comes to Claire to him and disappears after a few hours as fast as they came. For both it is an escape from the reality of everyday life. Both know about the private lives of the other nothing, not even the name of others. The intimate goes well until he begins to care more for the mysterious stranger: As Claire someday not appear at the regular time recognizes Jay, what significance has won their relationship for his life. He begins her secretly recreate and finds out that she has been married for many years and a 10-year-old son has. A woman named Claire (Kerry Fox). We learn not reached. At first it was just a woman becomes his door every afternoon on Wednesday to ease the financial needs are urgent. They stole the clothes of others and making a passionate sex on the floor in a messy room. It’s just that avoids the mod line knows that every woman on earth finally said: I can do to fix this place. The will to exercise raw sex starts to go wrong when following day. He discovers that his wife is the reality of life, mother and actor, who plays Laura in the production of alternative theater in London and glass zoo (the door of the bar is labeled toilets and theater). In the performance, sitting with her husband Andy (Timothy Spall) and his son.