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Independence Day: Resurgence

Original Name: Independence Day: Resurgence

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 24 June 2016


Cast: , ,


So here we have the long-awaited sequel to Independence Day. Independence Day: Resurgence film opens 20 years after the first invasion and we are seeing that Bill Pullman’s character is having a mental breakdown. He is having horrible nightmares about the aliens and his fears of them returning. We proceeded along and learn the Earth has updated all technologies that were left behind by the aliens. We are introduced to some old characters, including Pullman’s daughter from the first film, who is all grown up and serving as an assistant to the new female president, played by Sela Ward. Here, we are also introduced to Will Smith’s stepson from the first film as well, who is now a leader pilot, just like Smith was. We do find out Smith’s character was killed in a test pilot accident years prior and you can see his step-son is still dealing with it. Jeff Goldblum returns as the ever so humorous doctor and I am so happy he was in this. We start learning that a distress call was sent out by the aliens before they were destroyed and that a new ship may be coming. But, we get some interesting facts about symbols people have been drawing and that leads to a big reveal later. One of the big set pieces is a moon base where we meet a new character, played by Liam Hemsworth. When the scenes first started, I will admit that I thought it was to future looking like for Independence Day.