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Original Name: Incarnate

Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror

Release Date: 2 December 2016


Cast: , ,


Incarnate is the movie John Carpenter would make in the 80s. It had a synthesized score, a playful evil spirit, and a blue-collar hero in an impossible quest. A demon tricks weak souls to possess their body. 15 years ago, this demon took a woman and drove into Dr. Ember’s wagon, killing his wife and son and leaving him paralyzed. He soon unleashed his abilities to enter the possessed souls by psychotropic means. Now he has to “save” an eleven-year boy possessed by his tormentor. You will get some chills watching this. They rely very heavily on sudden noises or onscreen-movements, so the scores will be mostly physiological, not psychological. Anyway, this time it’s up to Aaron Eckhart to exorcise some demons. Bonus points for looking like Sean Bean. Actually, that’s exactly the kind of movie for which I’m so disappointed in Eckhart. He’s solid in every role but everything else is so generic that you regret even spending time on this.

Exorcism films don’t mean that audiences don’t, which is why we’re here with yet another exorcism film in this Blumhouse Production. Based on an original script by Ronnie Christensen, writer of the Halle. Berry shark-attack flop Dark Tide; like that film, this was quietly deposited in theaters with almost no fanfare, save for a very silly trailer and a handful of web ads. Going by the point of originality, the film. has a new concept going for it, something along the lines of how Inception would have been if it was a horror film. Yet, despite the novel factor going for it, the film fails to provide any scares & has not one