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In the Name of the Father

Original Name: In the Name of the Father

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Release Date: 25 February 1994


Cast: , ,


In the film In the Name of the Father, he says that the relationship is a tragedy of errors. Scenes that sets task movie tracks the atmosphere in the following cases: Conlon (Daniel Day-Lewis), a young man from Belfast, he returned a few links in England, in an attempt are very pleased to complete, and sleep in the population shared the place, drinking or the drugs themselves do. Kunlun is a national model. One night, he steals whole of their profits, and buy in Ireland, and the allocation is broken, beverages and intimate connections. An old friend you finger at the police and the kidnapping of her bed before dawn in a conflict – together after his father’s surprise, who was not wearing when everything is, and finally, pen computer graphics.

And “bad visit door Kunlun seconded bombing of Guildford and those new charges him suspicious IRA is a disciplined process that is unfamiliar with the rich from their hands or throws the board in the member area, but no matter. Kunlun is suspected wonderful, and the ability to a sadistic British police (Corin Redgrave) is, subject to him, is a known killer. The film does not show on the job and why horrible man trying to admit that he did not commit. The film is still a nightmare sequence Kunlun dramatic, and snatched from her bed and locked it takes place outside of the simulation. There is also a nightmare for us to act in accordance with the Kunlun so stupid, avoid the obvious things that can realize the state and defense In the Name of the Father.