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In the Line of Fire

Original Name: In the Line of Fire

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: 9 July 1993


Cast: , ,


Horrigan In the Line of Fire, man of intelligence, however, and accused them of killing Kennedy. However, I do make a difference. Mitch has done his research and knows all about Horrigan slides insidious words in his mind to deal with these poisoned arrows. Soon, in the assassination attempt will be a game for two players Horrigan, which is the same from the outside as Mitch, and the need to protect the president on the issue of resistance to his will – and the will of his personal political ambitions. Russian, such as the following, non-traditional means, it is an exciting variation interesting of the new role of the Commonwealth and passionate. Horrigan begin their relationship after almost rocks known on the company’s entire data multiple sexual fell, accusing truly a gesture symbolizing women’s employment service. Well, well, is a chauvinist irreducible, but in the end their worship for each new growth, and it is a moment played excellent arise attracted by the opportunity. Eastwood is not qualified for the role, so long and deep feelings experienced man in In the Line of Fire. It begins inspired the share part of Malkovich, who was shy and methodical part of the process, back pain, and develop a plan to hide agile and fast way to embarrass the president as a weapon of offense ingenious. The height of the movie looking for excitement without assistance because of their business, but also because of his logic is impeccable. Surprisingly, the film is the time the little touches of detail, performance and excitement. Call in the middle of Eastwood, Russian – producing more or less impact on demand, Jazz, and strategy and romance – sounds like they’vis – fishing area along with the people who are legitimate. Showing convinces people, especially the Air Force One and some shots, perhaps in the White House. Special affects in the massive introduction of images Eastwood something from Kennedy in 1963, and create a heavy reliance on the environment by reducing PostScript murder recognize. And the distribution stage aversion great sensitivity that is competent in In the Line of Fire.