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In the Heart of the Sea

Original Name: In the Heart of the Sea

Genre: Action, Adventure, Biography

Release Date: 11 December 2015


Cast: , ,


In the Heart of the Sea tells the true story that inspired Moby Dick and it makes a good old fashioned ocean adventure on board a whaler (if the idea of killing whales makes it a no-no for you, beware) with personal conflicts, sacrifice and great suffering. I found the time just shot past and it is great entertainment. This film either hooks you and its a powerful and emotional experience or it doesn’t and it becomes a drawn out shipwreck drama. That said, it is still disappointing to see reviewers that, expecting Moby-Dick or some kind of action explosive action flick, docking points because of their lack in understanding the origins of the film. Highly recommended. A great story made into a movie that actually convinces. There are some minor things that could have been handled better. In particular the second half when the stranding is spreading into uncharted cannibalism territory. We are never told what happened between the first case and the final arrival on shore. It could have made for a truly poignant tale of humanity and survival. Still, not bad overall. Worth watching, for sure. Pity the “whale” is still shown as a lot bigger than it could possibly be. But that is in common to all versions of this story, movie or writings.