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Ice Age: The Meltdown

Original Name: Ice Age: The Meltdown

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation

Release Date: 31 March 2006


Cast: , ,


I will respectfully give it an 8 for being dark but good but it simply is no longer relevant with its cold off-beat message, but to some I guess it is a great movie. I don’t totally remember the movie so I really have no knowledge to base a review on. But will give it an 8 for being cool and fun. Ice Age 2 has more characters and who doesn’t love having new characters in a film? The problem is they’re a little bit annoying and that sucks. Kids definitely love this film, is very funny, but I had a lot of problems with most of the new characters, they really made me angry for some reason. We see a beautiful animation in this movie, they have this square style with the background which looks very nice, and they have their own kind of animation. Again, good voice over, nice score, but the film has too much energy because of the new characters. It’s good to have a lot of energy on a film but it’s not cool when you have too much energy out of nowhere. Sometimes the film runs slow and sometimes it moves really, really fast and it doesn’t have a great story to tell. We hear about a meltdown but sometimes we forgot about it because some of the scenes are just a comedy show. Sudden songs, there’s not tension, we are talking about a meltdown… they’re going to die. Loved the first movie, and I like this one when I was a kid, but I know it doesn’t feel that good.