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Howards End

Original Name: Howards End

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: 26 February 1993


Cast: , ,


England at the beginning of the 20th century. Shortly after the end of the Victorian era overlap in fateful way, the paths of two families. The siblings Margret, Helen and Tibby Schlegel whose parents have passed away, making the acquaintance of the wealthy industrialist Henry and his wife Ruth. While Schlegel all think cosmopolitan, liberal and progressive, the family Wilcox is rooted in their conservative values ​​still deep in the 19th century. The only exception is Ruth who are aware digested. Margret befriends the elderly lady and that has consequences. When the terminally ill Ruth dies, she bequeathed the Wilcox Manor Howards End is not about her widower, but her friend Margret. Yet Henry, by no means ready to give up the family property it concealed the will. Instead, he has other plans with Margret.