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Hotel Transylvania 2

Original Name: Hotel Transylvania 2

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

Release Date: 25 September 2015


Cast: , ,


Hotel Transylvania 2 is actually fairly well done. The beginning of the movie was very strong and I was very into the movie, however I found that my interest started to decline after the about a third of the movie; it was a situation where the movie goes to fast yet at the same time goes at a break neck speed. I would have preferred an alternate ending, because I believed that the entire moral underling purpose of the movie of loving your family no matter what they are was shattered in the ending, there was an action sequence at the end of the movie but I felt it was a bit overdone and generic. It should have been a inner power reveal only or a too the rescue by the spiteful person. The ending also felt like it would lead in fairly well into a TV series rather than another movie. Overall it was a good movie to take the family to see. It was a very funny, enjoyable and very moving animated family comedy sequel. It had really great animation, great characters, and lots of laughs, great adventure, really great voice cast, really great visuals and a good story. This is one of the funniest animated sequels of the year. Both kids and adults will enjoy this very fun movie.