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High School Musical 4: East Meets West

Original Name: High School Musical 4: East Meets West

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: 2016




When school discovers that Troy and Gabriella audition for the winter musical, fearing all the status quo school drastic change and Sharpay are frustrated and worried (“Stick to the Status Quo”). Sharpay and Ryan know that Chad and Taylor to divide Troy and Gabriella. Chad and Taylor are worried that their team fall apart, so that each project phase couple and get Troy and Gabriella to change their thoughts about their auditions. This is especially Gabriella, now I believe that Troy really do not care about their friendship (“When there was Me and You”). Realizing the damage they have caused, Chad and Taylor respective groups feel guilty and correct the situation. When news comes that Troy and Gabriella are still interested in hearing, Sharpay and Ryan convince Mrs. darbus callback arrange the date for the game and Decathlon. The couple goes as planned, with the hearing (“Bop to the Top”). Worried that your friends can not attend the appointments, Chad and Taylor organized a computer failure at school level that requires each school to pack the room. No aspect, Ms. darbus considered canceled Troy and Gabriella redial; But they are just in time and sing (“Breaking Free”) In the end, the decision Ms. darbus assign lead roles in Troy and Gabriella and Sharpay. Ryan does deputies. Sharpay expects that they will not lose you do not receive benefits in the musical, but retains no bitterness.