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Original Name: Hero

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance

Release Date: 11 September 2015


Cast: , ,


The hero of a beautiful synthesis of the incredible beauty of the screen, dazzling high-octane action, melodious music and fun foam. Each frame of the film with care, which is evident in his stunning visuals. However, this is not a story that contradicts the often complex. Cut from the same cloth as Subhash Ghai 1983 hit title created by director Nikhil Advani environment and live as the original, full of energy young novices. Nikhil make history today, without putting in a shaking (classic inevitable fate, the re-creation). There’s a lot of things going for this scenario glitch can be forgiven.

The hero is vague and movement. He is the protagonist of the charm that your heart stops beating, a woman who loves a challenge and a story full commercial attributes Naach-Gaana and Ma-Dhaar. The action sequences full of thunder power, especially its height, is a perfect tone and dizzy synonymous with Salman Khan movie. In a picturesque place friendly Kemi Sooraj Athiya and has a touch of fantasy for the two newcomers, the duo has a strong presence in the script Athiya Sooraj has a natural and regular role with effort Verve His ability to act reason it marks the most novice recently time. Carved in an accelerator character animator masala heavy soil. And while you’re familiar with the story, Nikhil and Salman sensitivity functions as the Midas Touch, which gives the film a different structure. And “smooth and never lets his audience feel uncomfortable. In sharp runtime 132 minutes, giving the winning hero and Entertainment bucket door that commercial films do not make children to show people a good time.