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Hail, Caesar!

Original Name: Hail, Caesar!

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music

Release Date: 5 February 2016

Director: ,

Cast: , ,


Hollywood in the 1950s: The concern which at Capitol Pictures to Eddie Mannix those responsible, is not unusual for the shrewd man. Just still standing Baird Whitlock for Capitols prestige project “Hail, Caesar!” In front of the camera, now he has disappeared under mysterious circumstances and his captors that “The Future” call, call for no less than $100,000 in return for his release. Now it is the problem solver Hollywood to raise the money and find the biggest star of the studio before the tabloids got wind. Using the Capitol Stars Laurence Lorenz and Tobey he comes to the mystery surrounding the disappearance Whitlock’s getting closer, but until then goes pretty much everything wrong, which can only go wrong. There is never any indication that this is the building toward something. Nothing important happens. This is just a series of gags tend sewn together and a movie on the market. A careful consideration of individual who can inspire a few giggles.