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Guardians of the Galaxy

Original Name: Guardians of the Galaxy

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 1 August 2014


Cast: , , , ,


In 1988, the earth, the boy is Peter Quill abducted by a spaceship after losing her is a destroyer for a precious sphere on the planet’s surface kill Morag. When Peter the ball is, he is driven by Kree warship The Dark powerful Aster Ronan prosecutor, but he runs away. Peter also cheated his partner Yondu Udonta that m in September; Peter Quill is the city of Nova Government Xandar and possessed warrior Gamora Ronan and hunters Rocket and Grand sizes. They were arrested by police Corpsman Dey and his men, and sent to prison to finish strong Drax. Soon learns it would Gamora path to a dealer for a large amount, while Drax wants to Ronan that killed the murder of his wife and daughter. Develop a plan to escape Kyln to sell the ball and split the money. But soon they learn that the ball continues to Infinity stone immensurable gives the destructive power of the owner. Self-Appointed Guardians of the Galaxy and decides to leave the ball to the leader of Nova Prime to keep it safe from Ronan. But they are driven by Ronan and his right arm Nebula want Xandar and destroy by Yondu Udonta and Ravagers who want to sell the endless stone to get a lot of money. That will keep the powerful of the world?