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Gold 2016

Original Name: Gold

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: 2016


Cast: , ,


Gold 2016 tells a story of an unlikely pair ventures to the Indonesian jungle in search of gold. Documentary Laura Gabbert in the “Golden City” opens, the camera follows a man sitting behind a laptop computer, and possibly at home. With balding gray hair long, drooping mustache looks a bit “like David Crosby. Jonathan Gold said, and the food and the famous writer. The film is a portrait of seduction and told him excitedly through their point of view, and the food in Los Angeles and culture, especially the food carts and a hole in the shopping center industry in the ethnic enclaves that make it an exceptional culinary mosaic of the city. Perhaps this description is not alone suggests why this is one of the films included in the commitment of the signal to 3:59 star set the exercise is pointless because these studies can vary greatly depending on your point of view and taste the individual viewer.

For fans of warm gold and talkative, Los Angeles culture or films about the food, the “golden city” deserves four stars easily for 90 minutes. Less fond of these problems will be a star rated by some serious doubts about the value of the film. Those who appreciate documentaries do not come to their patients with the implicit promise to make deep and effective issue as much as possible. “City of Gold”, however, does not offer such a promise. This is very similar to other non-fiction best term in this case documentary films that deal with food. This seems to specialize in giving viewers the point of view of the types of saliva of exotic dishes and the Creator. Instead of sharp questions, and provide entertainment executives.

It is clear that there is a large niche audience for this kind of self-interest and is relatively harmless, funny sometimes. But there are scenes attractions uncomfortable it seems, precisely because it rotates. One of the issues that the “Golden City” was held, but is not limited to this type of journalism that the practice of gold. Food sections of newspapers such as The New York Times and Los Angeles, where he writes, they have different effects and practical applications of other departments? Your value to attract readers and advertisers dictate the direction the soft cover of “lifestyle” rather than the edge a little bit “more difficult? You have a book of daily foods based on their tendency to give a contract with good notes or not?