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Original Name: Godzilla

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Release Date: 20 May 1998


Cast: , ,


Godzilla is a movie which is generally thought of as the typical lowest-common-denominator, brainless, soulless Hollywood blockbuster of its time. It’s curious to watch it with today’s equivalents in mind, such as Transformers or (most relevantly) the new Godzilla film, because there’s a major difference in ethos. There’s a sense of humour, fun and humanity which is wholly lacking in many of today’s blockbusters, and particularly Godzilla 2014. You could make a case for today’s culture in some way robbing us of the lighter touch, and bludgeoning us with the sense that a film or show needs to be hyper-earnest and gritty to be relevant. G98 is not a film in which main characters die or suffer emotional trauma, it’s one in which a wannabe journalist gets hit on by her egomaniac boss, and is led by “the worm guy” with a name nobody can pronounce. So I really do think that big, dumb films like this can make for a telling barometer of cultural progression, and fundamental film making principals over time. None of this means it’s a great film, obviously it isn’t. It’s hugely derivative of King Kong and the first two Jurassic Parks, some peripheral characters are 100% superfluous to the plot and waste of Godzilla any screen time they occupy, some of the CG rendering looks decidedly ropey.