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Gods of Egypt

Original Name: Gods of Egypt

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Release Date: 8 April 2016


Cast: , ,


Gods of Egypt is a ridiculous, overblown fantasy/action epic loosely based on Egyptian mythology. And it delivers precisely that. It’s a throwback to the terrible 70s and 80s fantasy/sci-fi action flicks that most of us love, with updated special effects. It’s not a great movie. It is, however, a thoroughly *enjoyable* movie, if you can put down your SJW card long enough to stop being upset about non-black people being cast to play gods and people who from what we know mostly weren’t black to begin with anyway. The visual concepts of the Gods of Egypt were great. Like the wardrobe would be fun Halloween costumes. The setting would titillate you if you’re a fan of Ancient Aliens. The CGI execution. Not so much especially at this day and age. A lot of scene elements were poorly cut and pasted. They had obvious trouble with the size difference of characters, among other composition issues. The characterizations of the film were, well, interesting. It must be noted, however, that Ra was a disappointment. I always visualized Ra, the Sun God and a major Egyptian deity, to be dripping in magnificence and blazing in glory. But he often appeared as if he was an ageing god, who can still kick ass, but was still ageing and very monk-like in demeanor.