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God’s Not Dead 2

Original Name: God's Not Dead 2

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 1 April 2016


Cast: , ,


If it weren’t true or even possible, it would be a waste. Unfortunately, religious freedom is under attack and God’s Not Dead 2 has done the best job yet to put it on film. Of course, it is a faith-based movie and for this reason, you will have to ignore the Tomatometer and understand that not everyone in the audience will support these type of movies. When you have pastors, seminary students, and author’s along with teachers and lawyers, anything is up for the surprise. That’s what God’s Not Dead 2 will be for a lot of people. A surprise. A message that might not be liked, but a strong message none the less. A surprisingly good movie–better than GND1. The non-Christian will have to view this as one reaction that a Christian has to Post-Christian America, one in which a person of Christian faith feels increasingly left out. Also gives juicy tidbits to the historicity and strength of the Christian message, a message that will not appeal to the powerful, the teacher of the law, or the movie critic.