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Get Squirrely

Original Name: Get Squirrely

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

Release Date: 2015


Cast: , ,


After he has escaped from the zoo, returns squirrel Frankie in his forest back only to realize that there are missing all the acorns. As him his buddy Cody a porcupine – reported left the ACORNS Institute harvest the entire forest. Because winter is approaching, the forest animals have to quickly find a solution to come to enough food. Frankie decides to break into the ACORNS-treatment plant and retrieve all the stolen nuts. This is a plan that will save at success not only all forest dwellers, but Frankie would also give an opportunity to score points with the love of his life: at Lola, a squirrel lady he too often disappointed by false promises. With the support of Frankies old mentor Mr. Bellwood put the squirrel and Cody a top team of burglars together consisting of Bat Fly Boy the albino snake Raitch the tiny frog Edsy rat Liam the pangolins Pango and Lin and the hedgehog Oscar. Each of the animals has special abilities good thing, because time is running out.