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Final Analysis

Original Name: Final Analysis

Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller

Release Date: 7 February 1992


Cast: , ,


Isaac Barr is one of the most renowned psychiatrists in San Francisco. His patient Diana is suffering from severe childhood trauma. To learn more about Barr agrees to meet her older sister. When the attractive Heather his practice, he forfeited hot beauty in an instant and the two begin a passionate affair. Unfortunately Heather is married to the mob boss Jimmy Evans. Heather reveals Isaac that she wants to be liked divorced Jimmy, for fear of her violent and tyrannical husband but not muster the courage. But one day her blows his top: Under the influence of alcohol she goes after her husband and kills him in affect with a dumbbell. Isaac uses his medical reputation, in order to certify Heather insanity in court and to preserve them so out of jail. But while Heather was admitted for examination in a mental hospital, he come gradually doubt about their innocence. What role does the million dollar life insurance policy that Jimmy has completed shortly before his death? Is Isaac maybe even an intrigue of two attractive sisters.