Fences Online Free - Megashare


Original Name: Fences

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 25 December 2016


Cast: , ,


The 50s in Pittsburgh, USA: The African-American ex-baseball player Troy Maxson is a garbage man and is hard at having never been there as an athlete where he wanted to go and his private life is also problematic. Troy’s family consists of wife Rose, who knows all about Troy’s moods and bears them just as much as his erratic behavior. The family also consists of the son of Cory, a teenager with ambitions for a football career, torpedoed by the father by projecting his own sporting disappointments onto the sprout. In addition, Lyons, Troy’s gentlest son from his previous marriage, is a financially clumsy Jazz musician in his thirties, and Troy’s younger brother Gabriel, a war veteran. This family threatens to tear as Troy, torn inside, makes questionable decisions.