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Fatih’in Fedaisi Kara Murat

Original Name: Fatih'in Fedaisi Kara Murat

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Release Date: 16 January 2015


Cast: , ,


Between the Ottoman and Byzantine Empire rages a violent war. The armies of empires fight on Serbian soil up to today. The best and strongest warriors of the Ottomans, Kara Murat to protect the borders of the Ottoman Empire and it takes virtually alone with the army of the Byzantine soldiers. During the intrepid Murat at the front for his country, is fighting his people and his family, prevails in the home a fierce struggle for the throne. Orhan Celebi, brother of the sultan wants to rule the access but Sultan Murat chooses his son as heir to the throne. Celebi and all those who are greedy for power, detect weakness in new rulers and planning, the young Sultan to depose again. A game of deceit and intrigue begins, while in Serbia continues to rage war.