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Original Name: Fastball

Genre: Documentary

Release Date: 25 March 2016


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in 2012, baseball fans treated with “knuckleball!,” A documentary about the unstable launch and athletes throw. Now the opposite when it comes to a torpedo, “Fastball”, a stylish toned baseball. The film, written and directed by Jonathan Hock, is full of great players and former players talking launch or trying to hit a high fastball, including compulsory examination for throwing the best right now, and faster today legendary pitchers pre-radar gun Walter Johnson. The film is most interesting as the difference between a fastball 92 mph analyzed – and 100-m.p.h – a fairly common version of the field. a. The plate reaches only about 50 milliseconds apart, the fraction of a second slower causes the playing field significantly hittable because light synapses in the brain on a hillside. “You get about 25 times the information only for these 50 milliseconds,” says Timothy Verstynen, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. The story, read by Kevin Costner, a certain elemental beauty in the confrontation that occurs when a good hitter challenged by a good team pitcher. And “Mr. Costner says:” A comparison faster than humanly possible to throw a ball and fastest way possible to respond. “This fascinating documentary makes you understand why baseball fans as a form of poetry.