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Fantastic Four 2015

Original Name: Fantastic Four

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 7 August 2015


Cast: , ,


While the Tim Story movies were way too goofy this movie was way too dark. The cinematography, acting and special effects were all great. The first act of the movie Fantastic Four 2015 followed the Ultimate Fantastic 4 comics so well. But then it all started going wrong when they got their powers. Thing becomes a secret super soldier (how can someone as big as him remain a secret?) and we never get to see any of it and they try and make them pawns of the government. Then the the film makes the exact same mistake the previous films made. Rather then making Dr Doom ruler of Latveria and the inventor of a suit of power armor that could put Iron Man to shame. They try and give him powers and make him crazy.

Gone is everything cool about the dictator with ambitions of world conquest that is doctor doom. Thing at least looked great in this movie (although seeing his rocky butt-cheeks was something I could have done without) unlike the thing from the original movie that looked like an action figure sculpted out butter finger candy bar poop. Johnny Storm was fun but barely in the movie. Reed Richards was passable at best and Kate Mara who is a great actress is the invisible woman. they never use her even close to her whole potential though. Im convinced that at one time this was going to be a good movie but when Disney/Marvel heard that a franchise that technically belonged to them was going to make money they couldn’t get at they secretly went about sabotaging it either out of spite or to protect their holdings. skip this one stick to the comics.