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Fanny and Alexander

Original Name: Fanny och Alexander

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 17 December 1982


Cast: , ,


It is in 1907 in the Swedish city unknown. The film was immersed in the party before the invincible associated with the festival’s birth speak to indicate signs of progress after the chat, drinks, and the University of faith. They are surrounded together desire. Ekdahl means the rich and mother to the ruling, Helen, live in a house full of antiques and furniture and its tributaries, paintings, sculptures, furniture, carpets, flowers, birds, bells – working in the film, Bergman, a strike now in question any case a bad omen. Flooded rooms to another, as we have seen since the guests’ hands half full connect the melody while flows to the ground. Intrigue family showed Gustaf Adolf, the third son of Helena, is a womanizer who has forgiven for being happy, chubby woman adventures, and the pain she likes how it is. The second son, Carl, is a teacher sterile, is married to a German who (although it should), but in debt to his mother. The first child, Oscar, and manages the intimate theater and moved to just before the Christmas holiday with tears in his speech to the employees to return to the party.

He is married to Oscar Emily, Jamal correctly, and I have two children, Fanny, and Alexander. And seen a lot of movies through their eyes, especially Alexander, but agreed to a new timetable with the power of imagination of the characters. Gustav marriage is eccentric, Carl is depressed, and Oscar fills admire – to press its partners, and the scene. We must learn quickly that Gustav has a clean history when he was mayor, Oscar Lama pumped young Emily. Alma knows. In fact, they openly discussed by all family members. On the other hand, we have learned that Helen, a widow, was a fanatic and best friend Isaac Jacoby is a jew art dealer and the lender maintenance. (Bergman said there is a bit of himself in all the male characters.) Within hours of the day or two hours of light during the trial of a difficult time, and Oscar played the ghost of Hamlet’s father when he loses his place, forgetting his lines, I do not know where. After hours of light and as a result he died in the war. All this is reflected on the official Alexander, who woke up in the night by the screams of the mother animal pain.