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Expedition Mars

Original Name: Expedition Mars

Genre: Documentary

Release Date: 3 December 2014




“The technical challenges of a human expedition to Mars is the most important to be discovered by Martin Turner Expedition March theme. The author begins with a description of how the recent rocket technology, space vehicles and the expected developments in the nuclear-powered technology and power are the main factors that lead a human expedition to Mars, of particular importance is the challenge of life support transportation of goods Mars is necessary for the crew, including the supply of consumables such as food, water, air and the author refers to the international space station, part of the strategy for a human trip to the red planet, to prepare astronauts for long-term space flight and the potential risks of space radiation and is also important is the importance of unmanned robotupptäckts to prepare the ground for human activity on Mars and the definition of the surface of Mars. how future explorers will live and working on Mars, including topics such as housing, modules, strollers March spacesuits, scientific experiments and communications with earth are also examined. The conclusion by examining possible political obstacles to such a trip, but said that eventually, people will make a decision; Stay here on Earth to explore the solar system and beyond.