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Edgar Allan Poe’s Lighthouse Keeper

Original Name: Edgar Allan Poe's Lighthouse Keeper

Genre: Horror

Release Date: 2017


Cast: , ,


During a violent storm, J.P. Shipwreck on a peninsula on whose beach he finally dazed and woke up without memory of the past night. The young man tries to orient himself and believes he has seen a woman nearby. He then goes to the lighthouse on the cliffs, where the guardian Walsh makes it clear that the two are the only people on this piece of land, and the shipwrecked must have imagined the appearance of the lady. Since the mountain pass off these days is impassable, J.P. To waits for the ferry running every two weeks until he can leave the island. While he tries to make ends meet with his destiny, he hears mysterious voices, has nightmares of a threatening terror, and sees the blond-haired woman again and again in strange visions. Something’s wrong on the peninsula: a dark mystery surrounds the lighthouse.