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Drop Zone

Original Name: Drop Zone

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Release Date: 9 December 1994


Cast: , ,


Drop Zone film in soon the house of Jesse says legendary 4th of July holiday in Washington, DC – the night probably without the help of “the public, given the paratroopers account would violate protected melody in the capital as he realized that Posey did not survive and his band just jumped out of the 747, but now they want to the end of the federal building, and is used to control the nerd in the computer files, and a mysterious stall with a parachute in the bed of a personal explanation of a semi-truck unbearable because of the streets in the battle. Logica, the ghost of Party fatigue fancy, this raises his hand and bones and set a number of issues with respect to why you should do your own things from the building to break the computer processor? He said he has never heard of the modem? It will not be possible to people in Washington says point awning in semi-control along the main road? “Relegation zone” ignores this and more questions because the rush to a conclusion in Drop Zone. Director John Badham (“maneuvers”), and probably thought his air, making the target sequence hanger can go through. There are times when the beauty of concrete here, the fear and the rush, and amazing stunts skydiving display – Talking screen. (Advisor sophisticated and exciting bridges movies with the best. It is among the world’s population) already has more than movies seen on paragliding (“Point Break” was a 1991 starring Posey), but never one in which pipes heads quickly over completion and photographed . So I am so ready to forgive him nervous scenario, and practiced these procedures astonishing targeted environment to jump from the plane and stick to your door. (DID directly appointed length of follow-up plane?), But I cannot forgive, because the film should have been more interested. And saved the scene where Jesse conferences firmly on safety, which has already led upside of the plane without a parachute, relying on their own skills to save it in Drop Zone.