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Dragon Blade

Original Name: Tian jiang xiong shi

Genre: Action, Adventure

Release Date: 4 September 2015


Cast: , ,


Another action movie from Jackie Chan, this time in the first centuries AD, that involves a story around the silk road in the frontier of China Empire and other empires and kingdoms, and Romans (the main vilain is roman). Good acting’s but exaggerated, very good action scenes (with deaths and blood), a nice plot, but too dramatic (let’s say, the emotional parts are cheesy). The photography, scenarios and CG are pretty well done. Over all a good movie, that could be better with a more adult plot.

Dragon Blade is one of the best films from Jackie Chan. Unlike the rest of his filmography, it’s not an action comedy, but is an action epic with extraordinary dark themes. The film benefits from a strong direction, exuberant performances and the talented cast which includes none other than Chan, John Cusack (one of his best films in ages) and Adrien Broody. The latter plays a hard etched villain and is mesmerizing in his role. The film is colorful, its passionate and mature, parallels can be run with Chan’s own Shinjuku Incident. A marvelous and visually stunning epic. This is the kind of movie I would recommend seeing if you want a good laugh, some serious moments and a bit of sad all at once. Worth the watch, may not be historically accurate, but it sure is fun.