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Doctor Strange

Original Name: Doctor Strange

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Release Date: 4 November 2016


Cast: , ,


Doctor StrangeThis is another in a long line of Marvel movies, which a definite crowd-pleaser, but for me is just meh. Don’t get me wrong I did find the movie entertaining, but in par with other marvel movies, fun but not a lot of substance. The thing about this move and most marvel movies is that there is not really much plot development. In the case of Dr. Strange we meet this brilliant but arrogant doctor, due to his arrogance he gets hurt, and then in rapid fire succession, he is this brilliant wielder of magic. How he is able to protect the North American focus point from the main villain when ppl with considerable more training die so quickly is not well reasoned. He’s just that good. That also goes to the point of the villain. They got a great actor to play a very one-dimensional villain. I’ve been bored with most of the marvel villains. Unfortunately, a boring antagonist then makes for a less than exciting protagonist, which is what we have in this movie. Overall entertaining without being really all that amazing.

The philosophical and mystic plot gives this picture a human like quality that you root for. Benedict Cumberbatch does it again. He is such a fine actor and doesn’t let you down as Doctor Strange. Tilda Swinton is once again perfect in this role as The Ancient One. Amazing special effects too. The scene where Tilda and Benedict are outside the hospital and looking into the coming end is truly memorable.