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Ditch Day Massacre

Original Name: Ditch Day Massacre

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Release Date: 2016


Cast: , ,


Jenny Bilson leads an unspectacular life without surprises. She is good at school and is about to graduate. After an exciting party with lots of drugs and alcohol, she climbs into the car and sets off on the way home. However, she does not come far she causes a shocking accident and escapes without helping the victims. Jenny’s crime, however, never comes to light, because her father is a cop and the matter is under the carpet. When, a few years later, she organized a gigantic party in the house of her parents who are traveling, she seems to catch up with the past. One of their guests turns out to be an unscrupulous murderer and brings a guest after the other around the corner. Within a few hours, Jenny’s home becomes a cemetery.